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As my first official post on this site, I’d like to introduce myself, share what I’d like to talk about as well as my writing goals.

My name is Camila Henrique. I’m from Indaiatuba, a small city in São Paulo, Brazil. I am living in Montreal, Canada, as I’m writing this in January 2021. I’ve worked with Microsoft SQL Server since 2015. Today I’m a DBA/SQL Dev in a medium size agency. Last but not least, I speak Portuguese, English and French, and I love learning new languages.

What will I talk about?

I’ve always been someone who really appreciates having a mentor. Be that at school or work. I just find it better when someone can guide me towards good decisions. However, I also know how hard it is for people who are just beginning their professional life, to find a good mentor. I’m not by any means trying to replace that person in your life right now, but I’d like to help. So, for you, my dear beginner IT person – I will talk about first steps you can to take in your career.

If you’re into SQL, wondering about first steps, or searching about specific data things, I’ll post beginner tips and tricks that you can practice in real life.

I believe we, information technology humans, often misjudge the importance of knowing how to properly communicate with other humans. No matter what you do, I’m sure your work involves talking to other people, and well, we’re not really known for that. That’s why I want to share things I’ve learned about communication.

If you’re someone who natively speaks Portuguese, like me, I’d like to assist on your bilingual journey by posting in both Portuguese and English, so you can chose and practice as you’d like. I’d love to be part of my country’s community, as well as reaching more people with my English content.

I’m also passionate about topics that involve diversity at work, and sometimes I find it hard to talk about that in the tech field. That’s why this will be one of the topics I’ll present here.

And because I know people like “personal” stuff: I’m into yoga, I love drawing and I definitely buy more books than I read and do not recommend that (but won’t judge you either, welcome to the club!).

I hope we get to spend some wonderful time together. If you follow me, let me know about you in the comments, I’d love to make more internet friends.

See you!

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