#TSQL2sday #149 Invitation: Blog about T-SQL Advice you’d give to your younger self

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogothon where a host chooses one topic and bloggers around the world give their ideas about it. This month is my first time being the host and I’m so excited!

April’s theme: if you could give advice about T-SQL to your younger self, what would you say? I’m not defining any more specific sub-topics here, I’m opening the floor to hear ideas about your past experiences and what you wish you knew better back then.

Some rules:

  • You have to publish your post next Tuesday, on April 12th.
  • Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo, and if somebody clicks on the logo, it has to link back to this post.
  • Include a link to this blog post, or after you publish it, leave a comment here so I can track you down for the roundup blog post next week. If you want to share via Linkedin as well or other social media, please do and I’ll link you too.
  • Isn’t this idea awesome? Do you want to join? For future hosts, please reach out to Steve Jones via Twitter on @way0utwest. Just a heads up that there is a line of people who also want to host, so if you’re uncertain, do it anyway because you have time to prep!
  • Why host? Well, as a blogger, this is a wonderful way to ramp up your visualizations and to get another bloggers to know your work. Plus, it’s one way to give back to the community. Check out how great are the posts by looking into the previous topics.

I hope this is going to be fun and I’m definitely looking forward to reading your thoughts on my theme. Let’s get writing!

my very advanced drawing skills, as always